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Online Safety




Online Safety Rules


I will . . .

  1. . . . talk with an adult to set up rules for going online: time of day, how long to stay online, and appropriate areas to visit.
  2. . . . tell an adult right away if I find information that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  3. . . . be a good online citizen and do nothing to hurt others or that is against the law.

 I will not . . .

  1. . . . give out my Internet password to anyone other than my parents or teacher.
  2. . . . agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with a parent.
  3. . . . send a person my pictures or anything else without first checking with a parent.
  4. . . . give out personal information without a parent’s permission: my name, address, phone number, my school name or location, or places I go.
  5. . . . respond to messages that are mean or make me feel uncomfortable. If I get such a message, I will tell an adult right away.


Rules adapted from the Rules for Internet Safety from The Internet Alliance, Washington, D.C. and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Alexandria, Virginia


Browsing the Internet Tips

Be Patient
You may have to search many topics and keywords.
Spelling Counts
Make sure you spell the search topic or word correctly.
Keep It Simple
Search one topic at a time, and then try related words.
Know When to Click on Something
When the mouse arrow changes to a hand, click on the picture or word (hyperlink) to take you to another page on the web


Helpful Search Tips


Use the word AND when you want the web page title to include everything in the search field.

Example:  Benjamin AND Franklin/George AND Washington


Use the word OR if one or more of words listed must appear, but not all of the words.

Example:  animals, lions OR tigers


Use NOT if you are looking for information on a topic that may be confused with another variation.

Example:  pirates and ships, NOT baseball


You can use + or - sign to include certain topics in your search.

Example:  China-dishes


Use quotation marks if you want a phrase or name to appear in one piece.

Example:  "George Washington"




Search Engines

There are many search engines for someone to use on the internet. What exactly are internet search engines?  Search engines are applications designed and basically created to look for and give results about certain information in the internet or the World Wide Web.  These search engines use key words in searching for information in the internet.
Information taken from .  

Searching the Web

When searching the World Wide Web, try using these kids' popular search engines and research sites.  Students can easily get into sites that are inappropriate, if they are not careful.